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A Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer is Worth Their Weight in Gold

Jan 10

There is no way to put an actual monetary value on having the prestigious Law Firm of Matthew Glassman in Fort Lauderdale, FL on your side in your criminal trial.  Having a Fort Lauderdale, FL criminal lawyer with his expertise and with over 13 years of trial experience is simply priceless.  It can mean the difference between jail time and getting your charges dismissed.

The Law Firm of Matthew Glassman

When you have been charged with a crime, a Criminal Lawyer Fort Lauderdale will stand by your side through the entire process.  When you make that first call to him, he starts with a free initial consultation.  At this initial consultation, he will listen to you carefully to find out all the details and facts of your situation. Next, he will make sure he understands your circumstances perfectly.  Then he will use his skill and expertise to guide you through the entire criminal process.

Reasonable Doubt

The prosecuting Criminal Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale in a criminal case, also known as the state’s attorney, must prove that you did commit the alleged crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  It’s up to the skills of Attorney Glassman to remind the jury that sometimes law enforcement officials make mistakes.  Sometimes the arrest is simply not valid.

After all these years of defending clients, Attorney Glassman knows how to fight for your acquittal.  He will make sure that you receive a fair trial.  Although a fair trial is guaranteed in the constitution, it’s something you cannot take for granted.  Getting a fair trial takes work and tremendous attention to detail.

Sometimes law enforcement officials use improper policing methods or conduct illegal searches.  The Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Matthew Glassman will make sure that everything is done strictly according to the rules.

Don’t Delay

Having an expert Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer by your side right from the moment of your arrest is critically essential.  Attorney Glassman can negotiate with the person filing the case before making a decision.  If he reaches the prosecutors in time, it will make a big difference in whether the charges get filed, or get dropped, or get reduced.

Over his long experience, a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer has learned that he stands a much better chance of getting your case to disappear if he can do negotiations before the claim is filed.  So don’t sit back and let the wheels of justice grind you into a pulp – take charge of the situation right from the moment of arrest.

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