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Can you get an Amazon account manager?

Mar 3

Your decision to start selling at the Amazon Marketplace left you feeling frustrated in the face of intense competition. Since the beginning of your business, you have committed to increasing its profitability. Nevertheless, you are unable to catch up with the competition. However, when you attempted to determine what you might have missed, everything appeared random. 

It may seem like the end is near for you, but do not give up too soon! You can get some help if you think you can't manage your account on your own. Getting some expert opinion from an Amazon account manager might be the first step in getting the results you want. 

However, it is common for different brands to employ different strategies to run their business, so let's start this discussion by addressing that. Who are Amazon's account managers? What do they do? Are our account managers equipped with the skills you require to succeed in the Amazon market? What will you learn when you decide whether to hire one? We will try to answer all the questions related to Amazon account management for you in this article. 

Describe the role of an Amazon Account Manager.

The account manager for Amazon contributes to achieving your eCommerce goals on Amazon by setting up, planning, and executing a reliable strategy. Moreover, he/she provides expert advice and assistance when it comes to any concerns about your account. A business account manager will create a strategy and help you reach your business goals as soon as you communicate your business goals to them.

It has been reported by Amazon that account managers are usually in charge of more than 10 accounts at a time. This number is based on the managers' need to be able to stay focused on each of your accounts, as well as their obligation to help sellers with their business goals. The Amazon seller account management procedure becomes far more convenient when you have a professional looking after the account for you. 

Why Should You Hire an Amazon Account Manager?

A list of the various responsibilities that befall Amazon account manager is presented here. 

It makes easier for you to get started on the marketplace.

When you're starting out, hiring an account manager can be a great help to you. Having the account manager explain how things work to you on the Amazon Marketplace will make things much easier for you if you are not familiar with it yet. First, you will discuss establishing an account on Amazon with your manager. After that, they will need all details specific to your business, including type, goals, and preferences.

  • Setting up and managing Amazon listings. There are several tasks involved in listing optimization in order to help you achieve a high ranking in the search engines. To be successful with Amazon SEO, you need to understand how the platform's algorithm works. The way to accomplish this is to adopt relevant search keywords and to produce sales in order to achieve a very high ranking for a product.
  • Google SEO. The Elite service on Amazon for account management includes numerous additional features such as optimizing your product listings for both Amazon and Google. Since you need to promote your products at Google as well in order to succeed and you need a good ranking on both platforms to do so. 
  • The process of preparing and releasing products. A dedicated Amazon account manager will ensure you are prepared for the launch of your much-anticipated product. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that all visibility campaigns are active before the event. Furthermore, they also oversee the inventory to ensure there is enough inventory with which to supply your customers.

Plans comprehensive strategies for you

It was mentioned earlier that an account manager develops a comprehensive E-commerce strategy after the discussion you've had with them. Through developing this strategy, your account manager will help you identify areas in which your business can grow. 

A business plan can be discussed with the manager if you already have one in mind. You should look for opportunities to improve the plan. Account managers are here to ensure that all actions that are undertaken from now on will lead you closer to the accomplishment of your goals. For those who are new to Amazon and may feel a bit overwhelmed, it is important to know that. Now that you have a professional account manager assisting you in managing your account, you need not worry as much.

Selects the best people for the job

If you have questions or concerns about your Amazon account, the manager can reach out to a team of experts. Experts in different vital areas of Amazon account management can assist you with these questions and concerns. For example, optimization of product listings, planning PPC advertising, managing content marketing, inventory, stock issues, and so on are some areas included. Managers are also responsible for coordinating account procedures between Amazon specialists and sellers.

Sends you updates on your account and recommendations

You may find that manually monitoring and updating everything on your own can be quite problematic when it comes to regular monitoring and updating. You can rest assured that your goals will be tracked on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis when an account manager is on your side. Regularly reviewing these will allow you to stay on top of your strategy and remain in control. 

In addition, the manager has the expertise to give advice and recommendations on areas critical to the success of the organization. The following are some of these areas:

  • Fulfillment 
  • The health of the account
  • Inventory
  • Selection
  • Growth in conversions 
  • Publicity and advertising
  • Management of the shipping process
  • Expansion into international markets

Communicate to your manager important information about your business in order for them to help determine what actions you will need to take. If you have fulfillment methods that suggest you should use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), then this service is recommended. There is a great deal of information about this available from your FBA account manager so that you know how to make this work for you. The idea of selling products through FBA is often viewed as a way to increase sales and therefore rank higher on search engines.

In what ways are Amazon Account Managers competent?

It is reported that Amazon's account managers receive "in-depth" training on topics related to managing the Amazon accounts that they handle. Fulfillment and inventory, selection and conversion growth, promotional and advertising techniques, as well as global expansion, are some topics covered in this presentation. However, this very vague statement is, of course, of no use to you when you're trying to decide whether to pay them $1000+ every month. Amazon managers take hefty commissions on your sales in addition to charging hefty fees to their customers. 


The benefits of hiring a professional Amazon account manager can greatly boost the success of your business. There is no doubt that the people you are dealing with are experts who will find a solution to your problems no matter what. Despite of this, please remember that you are also a seller, so you need to know your responsibilities. 

While they are always willing to help with anything, they also have particular expertise in certain areas. They do not undertake to resolve all your issues on your behalf, so you must cooperate with them reasonably. Create a good working relationship with your account manager and work together to make your business successful.