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Tragedy Strikes as Wrongful Death in Columbus, Ohio Leaves Family Devastated

Mar 20

When a person dies due to negligence or intentional act, the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Gahanna, OH to recover damages. These damages can include compensation for the lost wages and support of the deceased and funeral and burial expenses. A family is left devastated after a loved one dies due to wrongful death. If you have lost a loved one in this way, you should contact an attorney in Gahanna, OH to discuss your legal options.


The Importance of Speaking with an Attorney After a Loved One Dies.

It is important to speak with a Columbus attorney after a loved one dies. Filing a wrongful death claim can provide some relief during this difficult time. An experienced Columbus wrongful death lawyer can help you understand your rights and file a claim if you believe someone else is responsible for your loved one's death. Contact a lawyer in Columbus today to learn more. If you have recently lost a loved one, contact our attorney in Columbus for a free consultation. We will review the circumstances of your loved one's death and advise you on whether or not filing a wrongful death claim is the right step for you. Don't wait; contact us today.


What is Wrongful Death and How Does it Occur?

When a death is caused by negligence or wrongful act, it may be considered a wrongful death in Columbus. For a death to be considered wrongful, there must be evidence that the person who caused the death knew or should have known that their actions could result in someone's death. There are many ways that wrongful deaths can occur, but some common examples include car accidents, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents.


Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

In Ohio, the following people can file a wrongful death claim:

  • The spouse of the deceased person
  • The surviving children of the deceased person

If there is no spouse or child, the deceased person's parents can file a wrongful death claim. If there are no parents, then any blood relative of the deceased person can file a wrongful death claim.


What are the Damages that can be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Case?

The death of a family member is always difficult, but it can be even more devastating when the death is caused by someone else's negligence or wrongful act. If you have lost a loved one in Columbus, Ohio, due to someone else's careless or intentional actions, you may be wondering what kind of damages you can recover in a wrongful death lawsuit. Generally speaking, two types of damages can be recovered in a wrongful death case: economic and non-economic. Economic damages have a specific monetary value attached to them, such as medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, and loss of income.



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