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16 Personalities : What Is The Best Type ?

Jun 26

If you've ever taken a personality test, you've likely heard about the difference between Type A and Type B, and have wondered if you should be a member of the other group. There are 16 personality different types, but which is right for you? If you're unsure, take our free personality test to find out! We've compiled a list of characteristics that are common to each type and how they can affect your life.


Extroverts and introverts differ in their brain chemistry. Both types of personalities are related to the frontal lobe, which controls our internal processing and makes us make decisions. Introverts, however, have higher activity in the frontal lobe and higher blood flow to that area than extroverts. This difference could be the reason why introverts tend to be more creative and have an increased ability to solve problems.

Extensive socialization can exhaust an introvert, especially if they are surrounded by other people. While they may benefit from the stimulation, they tend to need time to recharge. That's why they prefer quieter tasks or activities. Though they prefer their own company, many introverts maintain a close network of friends and family. This social circle may feel overwhelmingly overwhelming, but that doesn't mean they dislike people.


Although the type of personality that is best for a relationship depends on the individual, extraverted personalities are highly effective forces in a relationship. They advance important projects quickly and tend to be dynamic leaders. Their outgoing energy and contagious liveliness make them highly effective at leadership roles. When they are with other people, they feel important and are constantly aware of other people's feelings. They also value people's opinions and are genuinely interested in learning about their opinions.

The best way to deal with an Introvert is to adapt your behavior to their style. Try to be patient and understanding. Avoid overstressing Introverts. You can learn more about them by listening. Extraverts are more apt to understand Introverts and learn from them, rather than being sarcastic or condescending. The key to developing a healthy relationship with an Introvert is to be open to their way of life and their unique set of skills.

Type C

Often the most dependable and consistent personality type, the Type C personality tends to be aloof and reserved. It's also a critical thinker who prefers to spend time by himself or herself. Type C personalities can be great scientists, engineers, philosophers, nerds, and more. Although the Type C personality is often overlooked, it has won a great deal of adoration online. This type of personality will not tolerate mediocrity or poor working practices.

People with the Type C personality enjoy routine and set lifestyles and dislike disruptions. They may even confuse themselves with introverts, who prefer to spend time alone. However, Type C personalities are highly analytical and enjoy deep conversations with a select group of people. Their analytical nature can also be a hindrance, but they are highly responsible. Their steadfastness helps them succeed in a number of different fields.

Type D

If you're unsure of what personality type you are, don't be. Type D personalities are known for their overthinking and their tendency to focus on the negatives in a situation. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people. There are many Type D personalities who are great at helping other people and can change your life for the better. If you think you may be a Type D, contact BetterHelp today to find out whether you are a good fit for therapy.

If you have a type D, you should focus on finding healthy coping mechanisms for emotional distress. While type Ds are notorious for their tendency to hide their emotions, you should still encourage them to develop healthy coping mechanisms. Learning how to engage in conversation is particularly important for people with Type D personalities. While they tend to hide their feelings, they are perfectly capable of doing so if you take the time to learn how to get over these inhibitions.