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Copen Grand Executive Condominium will benefit from the new estate of Tengah

Jul 23

Copen Grand unit for sale in new Estate of Tengah and covers an area of 2.2 acres. It will comprise 639 housing units with the ratio of housing units will be 2.8. It is possible that the new EC site might offer first-movers advantages to new residents.

Copen Grand is located in the District 24. Tengah is Singapore's first intelligent and green city. Residents living within Copen Grand can get to receive top amenities, lots of parks and farms designed for their specific needs. Additionally, the nearby structures are powered by solar panels, huge garbage disposal air purifiers, and subterranean roads that connect urban farms that are powered by electric vehicles as well as green structures.

Just a few minutes from planned Tengah, Hong Kah, and Tengah Plantation MRT Station, Tengah Garden Walk is located near and along the Kranji Expressway (KJE) as well as the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). Residents will have the opportunity to travel through the entirety of Singapore quickly and comfortably, once it's finished. Jurong Region Line will be completed and allow residents to use three interchange stations close to Boon and the Lay Choachoa Kang aswell being Jurong East stations of the MRT.

Copen Grand is expected to be the first property to be moved into the new development, which aims to live a healthy lifestyle and be green and linked to the central part that is Tengah.

The construction of new homes is currently being built throughout area of Singapore's Western Region. Singapore, Tengah is located near the Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake District which offer the chance for Singaporeans to gather to discover while having fun.

Tengah's plans Tengah Tengah are based on its distinct characteristic and offer residents with more opportunities to participate in the activities and life. The most significant characteristics of Tengah will be centered around the community and environment making it a peaceful town where the residents of the future will feel the sense of being "At The Home to Nature".

Copen Grand Executive Condominium (EC) is situated within the brand new estate of Tengah which covers an space that is 2.2 areas. The whole area comprises of 639 housing units and the average percentage of 2.8. The new EC site could have the benefit of being the first to take into new residents.

It's EC is a 99 year leasehold New Launch Condo situated in the District 24. Tengah is Singapore's very first town that is sustainable in its ecological footprint and smart. People living in Copen Grand will be able to enjoy the luxurious amenities and vast green spaces, which are situated in specially-designed gardens as being agricultural zones. In addition, the structures nearby will benefit from a huge filtering system for clean air, powered by solar energy waste collection roads that are under electric vehicles as well as urban farms, in addition to green structures.

Just a few minutes from the planned Tengah, Hong Kah, and Tengah Plantation MRT Station, Tengah Garden Walk is situated near the Kranji Expressway (KJE) as together with the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). Residents will be able the highway to travel throughout Singapore rapidly, especially when the project is completed. Jurong Region Line has been completed too. Residents are able to join three interchange points situated at Boon Lay Choa-Chuang-Kang and Jurong East stations of the MRT.

It's located in the West region of Singapore and is where you will find a number of beautiful nature parks. There are some that are currently being constructed. Jurong Lake Gardens which is a massive park split into 3 sections , which consist of three parts, which comprise three sections: the Lakeside Garden, Chinese and Japanese Gardens and Garden Promenade. This is the place that was designed to permit families as well as the entire residents to get in a common space to work, live and enjoy themselves. The residents who live in Tengah Garden Walk can enjoy the stunning park by participating in water sports like kayaking, or just enjoying the best time of their lives and enjoying themselves with their families.