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Introvert launched its site in 2021. They continue to offer clean beauty and sustainable lifestyle products.

Jul 26



Introvert is proud to announce several product category updates on their website. Since January 8, 2021, they've been curating and sharing a growing collection of clean beauty and sustainable lifestyle products. Some of which are handcrafted right here, in St. Louis.


Their inventory includes multiple lines of sunscreen, fragrancesskincare, bath soaks, shampoos, and moisturizers. Their bath collection has a wide range, with everything from towels and robes to bath bombs and safe products for mom and baby. But their true passion revolves around a mindset: turning the mundane into a ritual. Providing beauty and clean, non-toxic products is of the highest importance for Dani, founder of Introvert.


Introvert is especially excited about their Mount Lai Gua Sha collection,  based on practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Healing modalities such as Gua Sha and facial rolling have been passed down for generations for skin healing and rejuvenation. Using multiple Gua Sha tools together is recommended to get the best results. 


Introvert has high standards. Their products are sourced ethically and they contain only clean ingredients. They are all, of course, cruelty-free, which means that the products themselves and all individual ingredients have not been tested on animals. Introvert only partners with brands that share their values and all products have been thoroughly researched and tested prior to the approval of partnerships.


Introvert will continue to vet and source the highest quality, clean products for health and beauty operating with the belief that what we put on and in our bodies matters.


After years of being the person that family and friends turned to for guidance on choosing clean beauty and lifestyle products, Dani chose to curate and share her favorites on Cheekily named Introvert because as one herself, these were the products and rituals Dani reaches for in order to recharge to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The business now thrives in helping introverts and extroverts alike benefit from self-care routines and using beauty to shift the mindset around the mundane.


Dani and her extroverted husband Jimmy bring their individual strengths and views to Introvert to advocate for prioritizing a balanced and mindful lifestyle.



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