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What is the RTP in Online Casinos and Slots?

Dec 28

As with casinos, not all games are created equal, not only in terms of characteristics, dynamics or rules, but also in terms of the provided prizes.

If you are new in this sphere, most probably you are not familiar with the acronym RTP, or Return to Player, and you may not know its importance when choosing an online casino game to play.

The RTP is used in various casino games to determine the percentage that a certain game offers in prizes and their periodicity. Usually, you can find it in online slot games in which a special section indicates the RTP of slots. a piece of information that will help you choose the best game for you depending on your goals.

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How is the RTP Calculated?

This RTP gambling percentage is calculated in a very simple way, as we will see below. If, for example, the Gonzo’s Quest slot has an RTP of 96%, this means that for every $100 that you bet, you’ll have the possibility of getting up to $96 in prizes. Therefore, the casino would be making a profit of 4% of the amount bet.

Easy right? Well, there is still one more detail to take into account when choosing one of the casino games available at Betssen: temporality. It should be understood that the RTP is usually interpreted as data that has to be considered in the long term and it doesn’t guarantee the user immediate prizes when playing, but rather, it offers those 96% profits (taking the previous example) when the players play many games.

Therefore, if we consider it in the short term, it would be an even more variable figure, depending on other factors such as chance itself, which is a large component in these games.

Taking this detail into account, those games that offer a higher RTP usually offer greater benefits to the players. Hence, it’s very important that we look at this information before deciding which casino game to play. As a guide for users who have recently started playing, or who have not been playing for a while, an RTP of less than 90% represents a low return to player investment. While, those that are between 91% and 95% have a medium RTP, and the ones higher than 96% are the high RTP. For example, Sweet Bonanza slot machine has an RTP of 96,51%, 

What RTP Do Online Casino Games Usually Have?

The Return to the Player usually varies depending on the software that is used in the development of the game, the type of game, and the bets that are offered in it. So each type will have a different RTP, the following being the most common.

Slots: The RTP of slots is usually quite high, usually between 94% and 99%. This data is usually available in the game features. Check out some of the best online casino slots in 2023 with the highest RTPs!

Roulette: As with slots, they tend to have a Return to Player that is considered high, giving players an advantage.

Blackjack: The popular card game can offer different RTPs. Normally, these games have an RTP of 99.40%, or a percentage close to this number, for their classic version, while Gold or Premium Blackjack can reach 99.70%; reducing in some variants such as the three-seat to 95.40%.