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APOLOGIZE! NBSA asked ‘Aaj Tak’ to apologize for misreporting Sushant Singh’s death case

National Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) rejected ‘Aaj Tak’ New channel’s review petition.

On October 6 NBSA gave the same order which was then sent for review.

Aaj tak erroneously reported certain tweet as the last tweet of Sushant Singh Rajput, just before his death.

NBSA asked Aaj Tak to apologize on Live TV, for misreporting on SSR’s death case.

Date and Time: 23 April at 8 PM.

A static text would be there on a full large screen. The font would be large and there will be a voice-over with slow speed.

Follwing text will be translated in Hindi:

Aaj Tak apologises that while reporting on the incidents relating to the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, we had run certain tweets on the Aaj Tak channel and wrongly reported the screenshots calling them real and attributing them as the actor’s last tweets. By doing so, we have violated Clause 1 of the “Specific Guidelines Covering Reportage” relating to “Accuracy” which states that information should be gathered first-hand from more than one source, if possible; reports received from news agencies should be attributed and where possible be verified; allegations should be reported accurately as made and errors of fact should be corrected at the earliest, giving sufficient prominence to the broadcast of the correct version of fact(s).

Channel has been asked to pay the fine of Rs. 1 Lakh.

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