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Can Ganga be restored ?

A suo moto case was registered by the Allahabad High Court to protect and restore the water of the Ganga river.

It was brought to the attention of the court by Advocate Tripti Verma who claimed that the water of Ganga and Yamuna has severely deteriorated.

According to the report submitted by the State Pollution Control Board, the water was fit for bathing but not for drinking purposes.

Several drains and other sources of untreated water have been found to be directly flown into both Ganga and Yamuna rivers which resulted in a change in color of the water, despite orders from the court to connect them to sewage treatment plants.

The court sought the government to provide details regarding the steps being taken for the treatment of drains, the duration by which all of the other drains will be connected to these treatment plants.

It has granted permission to the Amicus Curie, AK Gupta, and government counsels to visit the points where the drains are being flown into the rivers to assess the situation and apprise themselves of the sewage treatment process.

The concerned Municipal Commissioner stated that several private agencies have been appointed for the treatment of drains.

Amicus Curie contended against these submissions and alleged them to be untrue. They sought additional time to present recorded evidence.

While granting Petitioner the required time, the court ordered the Municipal Commissioner to provide the record of agreements with the private agencies who have been entrusted to treat the drains and monitor them.

The Commissioner was also ordered to disclose the details of all of the violations and the number of prosecutions launched to date.

It further ordered the authorities to implement rigorous enforcement of the ban on plastic wastes within their territorial jurisdiction.

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