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Delhi Authorities is the hurdle stopping expeditious trials

Delhi Prosecutors Welfare Association has put forth an application before the Delhi High Court seeking to create more posts for the appointment of Additional Public Prosecutors for fast track and POCSO courts in Delhi.

The Petition was initiated by the High Court in its own motion to tackle issues regarding the working conditions and appointment of Public Prosecutors.

It was submitted in the petition that there are only 37 Public Prosecutors in the concerned posts and the limited number of human resources is overburdening them and in turn causing an increase in pendency of these cases.

The Directorate of Prosecution has sent a proposal to the Delhi Government to create more posts as it is difficult to find substitute Additional Public Prosecutors.

According to the application, a total of 110 Additional Prosecutors are required exclusive of the existing posts.

The Delhi Government reject the said proposal on the grounds that it was unreasonable to create 73 posts of Additional Public Prosecutors.

It is contended by the Petitioners that the rejection of this proposal is detrimental to the criminal justice system and is against the basic objectives of setting-up of fast track and POCSO courts.

The purpose gets defeated if the cases are not dealt with expeditiously.

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