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Delhi HC extended the interim order delivered against the Media Channels and Media Houses

The Delhi High Court extended the implementation of its interim order against the media houses, wherein it asked them to ensure that no defamatory would be posted on their social media handles or telecasted through their channels, against the Hindi Film industry, which bears the capacity to violate the privacy of individuals’ associated with it.

This order had been delivered against the media houses like AGR Outlier Media Pvt Ltd., Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. and various other media houses and channels.

This interim order had been passed in order to provide relief to the parties i.e. various production houses and associations of Hindi Film industry. They filed a civil suit against various journalists’ who were associated with different media houses and news channels.

The parties alleged that such reporters’, either through their social media handles or channels, published derogatory, defamatory and irresponsible remarks against them, which in-turn damaged their privacy and reputation.

Through this civil suit, the parties also sought for a restraining order against the numerous media trials initiated against Bollywood personalities as it infringes their privacy. They also asked them to follow the Program Code which has been provided in the Cable TV (Regulation) Act, 1994.

However, the opposite party denied the agreeable terms on the ground that the no defamatory content has been published or telecasted against the production houses and associations who have initiated the suit.

For the time being, the Delhi HC has extended its interim order until May 25, 2021.

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