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Easiest Boss Fights In Old School RuneScape

If you’re looking for the easiest bosses in Old School Runescape, look no further than this list. There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a shortage of OSRS gold and not knowing when your next chance will be to get some more! But don’t worry – here are just as many easy fights that can be fought without having lots of OSRS GP and high-tier OSRS items.

Dagannoth Rex

Dagannoth Rex is not only the easiest solo boss in the whole game, but he also happens to be one where positioning really does matter. If you can get your melee combat level up past 70 and magic 75 then there’s nothing stopping you from taking him down with ease! If you get relatively close distance and he’s a little out of reach, then you’ll do just fine and can easily defeat this OSRS boss.


Moving onto a Wilderness boss now, and you will find this challenging opponent around the Chaos Elemental. You’ll need to be at 75 magic or 40 Prayer level in order for it effectively suffer from your attacks. The best way to beat your boss is by freezing their healers. This will make the fight much easier if you are in a duo or team because they won’t be able to heal Scorpia.

The Chaos Elemental

This boss is the second easiest in Old School Runescape. If you’re looking for a quick and easy kill, then this one will do just fine! All that’s necessary is to bring up your melee stats high enough so it is good enough to slay the Chaos Elemental. To defeat him quickly and easily use flinching when he attacks with his mighty weapon or just keep attacking until you deal it with enough damage to bring it down.

King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon is an easy boss that requires teamwork to defeat. If you’re in a team of three or more with at least 70 Ranged skill levels, then this dragon deserves its place on the list! If you are part of a team, the dragon can be swept aside with some strategic planning.

Bosses are always a part of the experience in any game, but they can be easier to beat if you know-how. For those who have been looking for an approachable set of Old School RuneScape bosses and don’t want to spend all their OSRS GP on them? Look no further than this list! There’s plenty here that is very easy to beat with enough preparation.

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