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Election Commission officers are solely responsible for the second wave of COVID-19 – Madras HC

The Madras High Court pointed out the liability and carelessness of Election Commission officers for the surge of second wave of COVID-19. The bench observed that the Election Commission of India should not have allowed political rallies during the pandemic.

The bench headed by Chief Justice of Madras HC shifted the responsibility of second wave of COVID-19 on the Election Commission officers.

The Chief Justice went on say that the officers’ liability is so much so that they should be charged with the offence of murder.

The bench stated that the Election Commission failed to enforce COVID appropriate behaviour. It did not monitor the rallies; whether the citizens were wearing masks or not, whether sanitizers were being used or not; and social distancing was being maintained or not.

The bench observed that none of the COVID protocols had been followed despite court orders.

The bench warned the officials of stopping the counting of votes which is scheduled on May 2. The bench directed the officials to place before the court a blueprint of COVID protocol which they would be following on the counting day.

The bench further observed that public health is a priority and that the constitutional authorities have failed to realize this. The bench highlighted that a citizen can enjoy his/her rights, which their representative guarantee, only if they survive.

The bench clarified that survival and protection is of utmost importance than anything else.

The bench directed the officials to place the blueprint by April 30.

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