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Going through a Torrent-Associated Lawsuit? Know Your Authorized Choices

If you find yourself facing an infringement lawsuit, consult a reputed attorney for torrent lawsuit to save you from heavy penalties.

Is this about you? So, you have been charged with torrenting, and you find yourself facing an infringement lawsuit, and you are uncertain of your chances of saving yourself from paying a hefty penalty.

Suppose you find yourself facing an infringement lawsuit, consult an attorney for torrent lawsuit to save you from heavy penalties. This blog is written to tell you about your legal options. Before we begin in detail, let’s understand what is torrenting.

What is Torrenting?

An act of uploading and downloading files through the BitTorrent network is Torrenting. Torrenting involves downloading files from users’ devices on the web instead of to a central server. Also, users can upload files from their own devices for others to download. This is often associated with piracy as it is frequently used to share files covered by copyright that includes games, music, movies, and software.

Torrenting also has some legitimate uses, like lowering the load on a central server as this distributes load among users.

Downloading media from a torrent site is a common practice by many people because they think there are no legal consequences for personal purposes. The fact is that even personal use is illegal, and the original creator of software or media can take legal action against those who have downloaded their work illegally. And losing a lawsuit for intellectual property rights means you have to pay a considerable fine.

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To add here, BitTorrent laws that deal with online downloading are complex legal matters, and only an expert can help in your case if you’re charged with violating rules.

What are your defense possibilities?

Copyright violation is a serious matter, and you may not know how much it can cost you — everything you do online leaves a watermark. You may think of taking advantage of a public network or using various IP addresses, but you cannot keep your anonymity. If a case is registered against you and legal proceedings are started, they can get all information and prove that you downloaded a copyrighted content. If caught in such a scenario, you have no help but to save yourself through fair negotiation with the other party.

Suppose your case is different from a direct infringement of IPR, and you are unaware of the entire matter as it was your friend or your relative who used your device and without your knowledge. You can free yourself from the case by proving the same with the help of an experienced lawyer. You can alleviate harsh impacts with legal guidance.

You must know that once your name gets reported in a lawsuit, that may appear online, which could harm your job opportunities if found during background verifications. Having to explain is quite embarrassing as well.

How long after downloading can a movie producer or a company sue? 

Typically, the copyright statute of duration is three years, and you may get a notice for infringement before that. On the contrary, they may wait till you make many downloads so that they can wrap you in many charges and claim even bigger damages from you.

What are the legal defenses against a piracy allegation?

An unsecured Wi-Fi network can be your best defense where you can prove that some third person must have been operating, maybe your friend, family member, a neighbor, or a roommate. However, some ISP agreements declare that you are responsible for every activity from your account.


If you find yourself facing an infringement lawsuit, consult a reputed attorney for torrent lawsuit to save you from heavy penalties. The lawyer is responsible for representing you and does all documentation and paperwork necessary for your case.

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