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SC directs States and police to not take action against those seeking medical help through social media

The Supreme Court strictly warned the respective authorities of States and Police to not clamp down the citizens’ who are seeking medical help to COVID patients or their families through social media.

The bench observed that the citizens’ who communicate their grievances on social media and other internet platforms could not be alleged to have been carriers of wrong information.

The bench warned the respective authorities of contempt proceedings if they are found clamping down the citizens’ for seeking medical help on social media platforms.

This direction came through a suo moto case taken up the apex court after a number of threats of coercive action had been issued by State officials and police. Through this warning, the bench wanted to convey a strong message to all the states and their DGPs.

Moreover, recently Uttar Pradesh government declared to initiate criminal proceedings under the National Security Act against the individuals who tried to spread false information relating to COVID-19. This direction of the apex court could be comprehended in view of this declaration of Uttar Pradesh government.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court had acknowledged the efforts which citizens’ had made in providing urgent medical help to needy COVID patients and their families.

The individuals, celebrities and social media influencers have resorted to provide compiled version of information of availability of beds, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, and drugs.

Through this direction, the bench has assured protection to those individuals who are seeking as well as providing medical assistance on social media platforms.

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