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SC dismisses plea of law enforcement officials who sought settlement for conducting custodial violence

The Apex Court repudiated the plea which sought for compounding of offences, wherein two police officers were accused of custodial violence.

However, the bench took into consideration the age of police officers and reduced the sentence awarded. The bench also enhanced the compensation to Rs. 3.5 lakhs each, to be paid to the legal heirs of deceased, along with compensation payable by High Court.

The police officers were convicted under Section 324 of IPC as they caused the death of deceased by beating him in the police station premises, in the year 1985.

They challenged their conviction before the Supreme Court wherein they prayed for compounding the offence as there was an amicable settlement between them and legal heirs of deceased.

The Apex Court observed that custodial violence is an unacceptable crime in a civilized society as it is against the humanity. Moreover, it amounts to clear and grave violation of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

The bench also held that composition of offences is not permissible even if the legal heirs of deceased agree to it. It is permissible only by the leave of the court.

The bench reduced the sentence awarded for conviction to six months, which is one year according to Section 324 of IPC.

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