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Supreme Court docket accorded 2nd extension by 6 months to submit a report on Hyderabad encounter

The Supreme Court allowed the inquiry commission, examining the Hyderabad encounter, to conclude and submit their final report after six months.

The Commission has been set up to inquest upon the encounter of four men who were alleged to have committed the offence of gang rape and murder of a veterinarian on December 6, 2019.

This Inquiry Commission has been headed by former Judge of Supreme Court, Justice V.S. Sirpurkar (Retd.) and comprises of Ms. R. P. Sondurbaldota and Mr. D. R. Kathikeyan, former judge of Bombay High Court and former Director of CBI, respectively.

Initially, the court directed the Commission to submit its report within six months from the first hearing of matter scheduled by the Chairman.

However, when the case came up before the bench on July 24, 2020 an application for extension had been filed by the Commission. The bench acted upon the application and granted extension by six months.

The Commission again sort for an extension in the month of January, 2020, which has been subsequently granted by the court.

The Commission had been set up after widespread accusations against the officials who conducted the encounter of four men who were alleged to have committed the offence.

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