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Trustee of Lucknow Mosque approaches SC to oppose the PIL which has challenged the provisions of Places of Worship Act

A co-mutawalli of TellyWali Masjid, located in Lucknow, has knocked the doors of apex court and sought for its intervention in the pending Public Interest Litigation (PIL) which has been filed by lawyer and BJP leader, Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay.

The applicant, Wasim Hasan, has claimed that the PIL is mischievous in nature as it aims at secluding the Muslim Community from the other religious communities formed in India.

The applicant stated that the petitioner’s intention aim at creating a factual case of fundamentalists which came to India and destroyed places of worship. The applicant stated that this allegation of petitioner is neither based on any source nor bears any evidence of real-incidents which showcase destruction of places of worship.

The applicant also pointed out that the petitioner’s plea has constantly focused upon the rights of Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, and has deliberately not discussed about Muslims and Christians.

The applicant has sought for apex court’s opinion whether Muslims and Christians are really invaders and considered to be less a part of Indian territory.

The applicant also raised an objection on the use of “pilgrimages” and “places of worship” and stated that these have been used synonymously by the petitioner, though the basic meaning of these two cannot be equated with.

The applicant pointed out that the plea aims at reopening the Ramjanambhumi- Babri Masjid case which has already been settled by the court of law.

Overall, the applicant stated that the petitioner’s plea aims at violating the basic principle of Secularism which has been enshrined in the Indian Constitution and that it is also contrary to the State’s duty to protect historic places under Article 49 and the cultural heritage under Article 51A.

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